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Binkwaffle Dumpling Bags

Binkwaffle Dumpling Bags

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Look, zippers and velcro are not really our friends in the fiber world. The Dumpling Bag solves that by keeping your project contained while providing a quick snag-free closure. Simply pull the handle through the grommet, and voilà! Closed up and ready to go.

Project bags are reversible and made from washable cotton canvas. Sizes are as follows

approx. 4.5”x4.5” base, with approx. 4.5” height of storage area; 12” tall with handle.
approx. capacity: 91 cubic inches; 1 ball of 100g yarn
ideal projects: hats, baby items, socks, gloves

approx. 6”x6” base, with approx. 6” height of storage area; 15” tall with handle.
approx. capacity: 216 cubic inches; 2-3 balls of 100g yarn
ideal projects: hats, socks, gloves, baby sweaters, lightweight shawls, first 2-3 balls of a larger project

approx. 7.5”x7.5” base, with approx. 7.5” height of storage area; 18” tall with handle
approx. capacity: 422 cubic inches; 3-5 balls of 100g yarn
ideal projects: 2-3 smaller projects, lightweight cardis, baby blankets, heavier shawls, first half of heavier adult sweaters

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