Spring Forward

Spring Forward

Spring is a mindset more than a season.  The real spring can be rainy, cold, windy and damp.  The spring of my imagination is full of bright colors and flowering trees.  In honor of that vision, I have decided to rework the fabulous Nightshift Shawl by Andrea Mowry. This winter, I spent a lot of time playing around with Nightshift shawl color combinations in Malabrigo Rios.

Rios colors are so much fun to work with, but with spring on my mind, I’m feeling cotton, silk and linen, not wool.  

Here is my first color combo done in vibrant pinks and purples.  You can't look at it without thinking "SPRING".



My second iteration has contrasting teals and golds.  This combo has a beachy feel. 


Summer shawls are great as wardrobe accents or to cover bare shoulders from the cold blast of a/c.  Using Noro for a Nightshift shawl means less adding of new yarns, less ends to weave in and best of all, less thought processes, as you can memorize the repeats and let the Noro do what it does best . .   go from one bright color to the next. The backdrop Juniper Moon Farm Zooey is a versatile spring-summer weight yarn. The cotton-linen blend comes in a fantastic array of bright colors that are as bright and colorful as any Easter basket. The resulting shawl is knit on a size 6 needle to accommodate the lighter weight yarn.  The resulting project is not so small that you can't use it as a wrap, but lightweight enough to throw on the top of your bag or into a suitcase for the weekend getaway. . . now I really am dreaming!


Stay tuned for more great combinations . . . 




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