So Faded Sweaters

So Faded Sweaters

Andrea Mowry’s Fades . . . they just won’t fade away!  


Yes, I am doing another So Faded Sweater. This will be my sixth one! I could argue that it was started for our So Faded sweater class, but I have to admit I am addicted to fades. All it takes is for someone to come in to match colors and I am off to the races. The choices never stop.  Short sleeved, crop, long -short sleeve, three quarter long sleeve . . .and the colors!  Well, like most knitters, I love color.  And there is something about the So Faded pattern that begs for new and exciting color combinations; to be intertwined, light into dark, or multi into solid.  The subtleties of a hand dyed yarn are just perfect for so many one of a kind color combinations. 

Meadowcroft Dyeworks (aka Yarn Rehab) is an indie dyer father-son duo outside of Pittsburgh.  They have converted an old church as their work space and their colorways could be said to be inspired by faith.  They capture the richness of colors in a very distinct, signature way.  And best of all for fades, their colors blend perfectly-one skein into the next gorgeous colorway.  They also have a vast array of choices, so that one skein can blend with multiple other skeins making the possibilities endless.

          A picture of their booth at TNNA, the yarn wholesale show.

Our first Meadowcroft Dyeworks yarn was Rockshelter sock, and I fell in love. It had a nice twist to it and is quite soft. More recently, we got Cross Creek Sock.

Cross Creek is a 75% merino superwash, 25% nylon sock yarn that is a cousin of Rockshelter sock which is 100% wool.  Cross creek has a bit more drape but both take the dyes beautifully and they can be paired together as seen in this So Faded sweater by Andrea Mowry. 


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